About Store

A single depot for all your extensions and templates

This store is basically a marketplace of all extensions and templates built for SageFrame and AspxCommerce. You can find a wide variety of handy extensions and rich templates that can be used to extend the existing functionalities of your portals. Besides the modules and templates you get by default, this store acts as a repository for all extendable modules and themes that can be of much use to your business. Moreover, we have also built this store as a platform for developers and designers who are willing to contribute and promote their products.

For Designers and Developers

We strongly believe in learning through sharing and therefore, designers and developers can contribute their SageFrame and AspxCommerce based modules and templates to this storehouse. We encourage the developer and designer community to contribute new and essential extensions to the store and in return, we give them a platform to showcase their products. They can upload free or paid extensions and templates, which once approved by the core team will be displayed along with all other extensions and templates. They can promote products but not sell from this store; however, the developers and designers are given freedom of maintaining their profile and placing links of their personal sites from where they can monetize these products.

While registering with the store, select your role as developer and then upload as many extensions and templates from their respective management pages at the backend. The new extensions are kept in moderation for the admin to approve and this approval is completely based on the quality and usefulness of the products uploaded.

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